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FOX News
Sep 26, 2011 2:00pm PDT
polls. herman cain won the florida, mitt romney in michigan. brit hume examines the republican field. grapevine, you'll never guess who some republicans would like to see run for president. "special report" starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and my colleagues, at "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five." 2012 news now. though donald trump is not running he is keeping himself involved in the race as much as he can. a little while ago, romney met with the donald. here is what mr. trump had to say about that. >> we had a great hour together. he expressed certain feelings i didn't even know where he was coming from. i was impressed with things he said. i want a great president. it'd love obama to be a great president. i'd be happy whether i'm a republican or democrat, it doesn't matter. i would love to see obama finish offgly and do a great job. >> dana: so mitt romney this past weekend won the michigan straw poll. we talked about the florida tra poll earlier where herman cain won. a point i want to make in the last five weeks there have been five straw polls and
FOX News
Sep 26, 2011 11:00pm PDT
romney this past weekend won the michigan straw poll. we talked about the florida tra poll earlier where herman cain won. a point i want to make in the last five weeks there have been five straw polls and a different person won each. cain, santorum, bachmann. do straw polls matter? >> no, they don't matter. romney won in won of his home state is a big piece of political news there. i don't understand why he went up there. you can race more money in the presidential campaigns. i've done it. in straw polls chasing things that are meaningless. this thing in florida is meaningless in a week. the g.o.p. chairman ought to be meaningless in a week. can i talk about donald trump? he is a nice guy. but why we give attention to this guy, why the people are -- if he is giving them a lot of money i understand why you see him. >> dana: i don't think he is. >> bob: then why do it? >> bob: he gets media attention. his voice has some weight. >> kimberly: i agree. >> bob: why? he might as well come to see you. >> dana: that would be great. >> kimberly: come on down. >> greg: like the weird soccer parent
FOX News
Sep 27, 2011 2:00pm PDT
stupak the congressman from michigan, and pro-life guy and twisted and turned himself into houdini to be able to get in the box and vote for it and then didn't he lose? >> he retired, he retired. >> made the decision and retired and took one-- >> he knew-- >> no, no, decided not to run because his family had death threats. >> and we'll have more on "the five" right after this. ♪ >> welcome back to "the five." today, dr. conrad murray, michael jackson's doctor was in court and under investigation on his bart of michael jackson's death. and take a listen played by prosecutors, and this is michael jackson's voice and by the way jackson's parents and kids were in court while this was going on, take a listen: >> all right. let me correct that. it wasn't his kids in court. jackson's parents and siblings in court, but, guys, this really shows how bad michael jack was. and by the way, this is the doctor's tapes. >> that's what you just saw is, remember the commercial, this is or the ad, this is your brain on drugs, that's why i was so scared to do drugs and look what happens. that was
FOX News
Sep 28, 2011 2:00pm PDT
, on your outfit today. here is from marry in michigan. "wow! you look so sexy this that black and red. are you italian?" >> bob: yes. >> andrea: sue in south carolina says where did you get that horrid outfit? you need a wardrobe consul stant. a republican to teach you how to dress. >> bob: greg. >> andrea: from texas, is beckle in the senior version of west side story in that red third and suspenders? from our own bill hemmer let's auction bob's shirt off. >> eric: bill paid a buck but overpaid. >> bob: we could auction off bill's suit and pay for an entire healthcare operation have you seen his suits? he has the most expensive -- well, next to you. by the way, you are the only person i know who pays $400 for jeans. and they have holes in them. why is that? >> dana: you paid $400? >> bob: holes in them. >> eric: reflecting -- deflecting the wardrobe for what it will be tomorrow. do i get it for the whole hour? producers say full hour i can put you in whatever i want. >> bob: wear $400 jeans and show everybody what they are -- nobody else knows. >> greg: he should go shirtless with su
FOX News
Sep 11, 2011 2:00pm PDT
passengers and crew as michigan to fight back against the hijackers. ♪ ♪ ♪ oh beautiful for spacious skies fork amber waves of grain ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ america, god shed his grace on thee ♪ and crown think good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea ♪ ♪ >> we want to move on now to ground zero in new york where there was a very emotional ceremony earlier. fox news correspondent rick leventhal is there. >> reporter: chris, dark storm clouds have moved in to reflect a somber mood of this ceremony. as pairs of family members read groups of names of the near 3,000 who lost their lives on 9/11. they often give personal messages atd9[ the end when thy mention their father or brother or sister or loved one. after they read those names, they are able now for the first time to walk over to the september 11th, memorial, which is now open to families today and to the public on monday for the first time ever. it is a park filled with trees and grass and two very large waterfalls, built in the footprints of the twin towers. those waterfalls are ringed by brass plaques that include the
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)